Online Membership

If you live too far away to come to our meetings, we offer an online membership.


  1. Free entry into our 3 in-house competitions, plus free entry into the Members Shield Challenge of the Olga Sinclair Prize. The entry fee is £5 for non members, saving you money.
  2. The chance to be published in the Members Showcase.
  3. An additional chance to win in the Olga Sinclair Prize. Entering as a member means you not only have an entry in the main competition, but you can select one entry to be put into the Shield Challenge, where it will be judged by a different adjudicator. Shield Challenge winners and highly commended are published in the Olga Sinclair Anthology.
  4. Even if you don’t win the in-house competitions you enter, you are guaranteed to get a critique from our adjudicators. This will help you improve.
  5. A special members-only area where you can access past workshops, talks, and hints and tips.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can become an online member. You can also buy Online Memberships as a gift. Got a friend who is a writer? It would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

Cost: £18 for the year.

If you are interested in becoming an online member, please email us:


Terms and conditions:

  1. The top two winners of the in-house competitions will be published in the Member’s Showcase, with additional entries published at the discretion of the editing committee.
  2. The Showcase will take the form of a paperback and e-book.
  3. Any work published is done so with permission. The author retains full rights to their work and they are free to publish it elsewhere. As a courtesy, we ask that entrants wait until after the Anthology or Showcase has been released before publishing them elsewhere.
  4. Membership gives you free entry into all 3 in-house competitions plus the Members Shield Challenge of the Olga Sinclair Short Story Competition. However, you will not be offered any discount or money back if you do not enter all of them.
  5. You must follow the terms and conditions of each competition.
  6. You must submit your entry into the in-house competitions on time or they will not be accepted. You will not receive any discount or money back from your membership fee either.