The Past Search Prize for Non-Fiction

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Entry Fee:
Members: Free
Non-members: £5

Write an obituary for a notable Norfolk resident. This should not be someone so notable they have a Wikipedia entry, and as it’s Past Search, so it has to be a real (dead) person. The entry must to show evidence of significant research.

Word Limit: 2,000 words

Deadline: 17th January 2023

Before submitting your entry, please ensure you read and understand our guidelines (below).

Please send your entry and cover sheet (below) to:


  1. Only one entry per author, per competition.
  2. All competition entries must be formatted as follows:
    – 12 point
    – Times New Roman
    – Black font
    – A4 paper
    – Double-spaced
    – 2.54 margin (most word processors default to this setting).
  3. Each page should be numbered, using the format ‘Page x of y’:
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You can download the cover sheet here: