Competition 2

Past Search Prize for Non-Fiction


The Brief: Write a blog article from 1 – 1.5k words. I would like to read an emotional piece about a dish, a meal or food you have cooked which evoked memories and emotions for good or for bad, or even comical. A Babette’s Feast moment – where the food moved the mood. I’d like to know about the food – I want to taste it in the words and feel the emotion. 

Food blogging is very much about imagery and photography, so a cover picture would be amazing too.

Word Limit: 1000-1500

Genre: Food Blog

Deadline: 18th January 2022

Adjudicator: Zena Leech-Calton

Entry Fee:
Members: Free
Non-members: £5

All entries will received feedback whether they win or not.

Before submitting your entry, please ensure you read and understand our guidelines (below).

Please send your entry and cover sheet (below) to:


  1. Only one entry per author, per competition.
  2. All competition entries must be formatted as follows:
    – 12 point
    – Times New Roman
    – Black font
    – A4 paper
    – Double-spaced
    – 2.54 margin (most word processors default to this setting).
  3. Each page should be numbered, using the format ‘Page x of y’:
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You can download the cover sheet here: