In-House Competitions

Norwich Writers’ Circle runs 3 in-house competitions each year:

COMPETITION ONE – Either the Ivy Ferrari Cup or the Cooper Prize. Each are held on alternate years.

COMPETITION TWO – Past Search Prize for Non-Fiction

COMPETITION THREE – Colin Sutton Cup for Humour.

In-house competitions are free for members but non-members are welcome to enter.  The entry fee for non-members is £3.00. Both members and non-members are limited to one entry each.

First, second or third place will be awarded on merit regardless of membership status.  All entrants will receive a brief critique from the adjudicator.

Members who are placed in the competition will receive points for the annual NWC members Competition Cup.  Seven points for first place, 5 points for second place, 3 points for third place, 1.5 points for Highly Commended and 1 point for entering the competition.

Non-members are not eligible to claim any NWC trophy.

Entries by NWC members will also be entered into the Member’s Shield Challenge which is judged by a different adjudicator.  Places are awarded on merit. Members receive one point towards the Competition Cup for entry and points for placement in the Members Shield Challenge as in the smaller competitions.


In-house Competition Entry Specifications 

  1. Only one entry per author, per competition.
  2. All competition entries should be printed in 12 point Times New Roman in black ink on one side of A4 paper, double-spaced, with one-inch margins all round.
  3. Do not add extra space between paragraphs or different speeches in dialogue.
  4. Each page should be numbered, using the format ‘Page x of y’ i.e page 1 of 3, for example. It is helpful if the title of the story appears next to the page number. This can be at the top-right corner, or at the bottom of the page, separated from the main body of text by a blank line.
  5. Do not submit scripts which are over the word limit – or under, if a minimum is specified.

You should include a cover sheet giving:

  • The title of the story
  • The name of the competition
  • The word limit
  • The actual word count
  • Do not put your name on this sheet as competitions are judged anonymously.
  • Your name and address and the title of the piece should be submitted to the In-House Competition Secretary on a separate piece of paper, which then can be removed and logged before the entries are sent, anonymously, to the adjudicator.

Entries may be sent by post or email to:

Dr M D Pearson
4 Coach House Mews
Keswick hall

If you are posting an entry, do so in plenty of time to get there before the closing date.  All entries must reach the Competition Secretary by 10.00pm on the closing date of the competition. Please ensure you pay sufficient postage.