Competition 3

The Colin Sutton Cup for Humour


Adjudicator: LYNNE MORTIMER.

Take one small frustrating life incident and expand it into a humorous article of 1,500 -2,000 words. It can draw upon similar frustrations or veer off somewhere else, but by the end of the piece, it should return to the original incident featuring a final pithy sentence or two.

Deadline 7th May 2019.

Free entry for NWC members.  £3 entry fee or non-members.  All entries will receive an expert critique.

All entries must be submitted on one side of A4, double spaced where appropriate.  Work to be unpublished and not entered into previous Circle competitions.

Before submitting your entry please check our competition guidelines.

Entries to be delivered to a meeting or mailed to the NWC Competitions Secretary: