Guest Post: Are Adverbs Really The Enemy?

Kathy of Fine Tune Your Fiction, a professional critique and developmental editing service, has kindly given us permission to feature her article on adverbs. We hope you enjoy. One of the most common pieces of writing advice I see is that you should never use adverbs. They make your writing weak. They’re lazy. They’re telling… Continue reading Guest Post: Are Adverbs Really The Enemy?


A Whole New World

On Saturday 24th July, we held our second summer workshop: worldbuilding, and it proved to be the most popular summer workshop yet. Attendees learned the fundamentals of worldbuilding. "Ultimately," Kathy, the workshop leader and owner of Fine Tune Your Fiction advised. "Worldbuilding is about asking the right questions." When creating your world, you need to… Continue reading A Whole New World


Self-publishing panel

By popular request from our members, on Tuesday 5th November, we held a panel on self-publishing. Our panellists were: Brenda Gostling, Marketing Consultant and author & publisher of children’s book Sister Poppy at the Front. Stuart Walton, copywriter, publisher and web designer from GetProCopy Ltd. Kathy Joy, from Fine Tune Your Fiction critique service and… Continue reading Self-publishing panel

Norwich Writers' Circle

Slanting The Truth

On Tuesday 7th March we welcomed Sally Craythorne (S. E. Craythorne), author of How You See Me, to give a talk on reliable narrators. Her talk was informative and fun and everyone learned that no narrator can truly be trusted. "We want things to make sense.  So if something doesn’t make sense we kind of… Continue reading Slanting The Truth

Norwich Writers' Circle

Manuscript Evening

We're having a manuscript evening on Tuesday 21st February.  Attendees will be able to read their work in small groups and receive constructive feedback. You can bring poetry, fiction, non-fiction - whatever you're working on, we'd love to read it! If you are interested in joining us, please bring a sample of no more than… Continue reading Manuscript Evening