Find the Spider Part 2

The next morning, I got up as usual, took a shower, and then made myself coffee. As I lifted the sugar jar, I thought I saw a spider dash out from beneath it and into the shadows, but it happened so quickly, I couldn’t be sure. Throughout the day, there were more strange ‘spider sightings’. When I opened the curtains, it looked like a spider dropped onto the carpet, but when I looked down, nothing was there. I was even certain I saw several long legged bodies hiding underneath my sofa, but when I looked, using my phone as a flashlight, there was nothing there except an odd sock and a scrunchie I had lost weeks ago.

This carried on for a few more days until eventually, I thought I could hear a low, barely audible shuffling, like an army of tiny legs marching just outside my view. I looked everywhere, but didn’t find anything.

At the time, I told myself I was imagining things. Now, I wish I had seen sense. Maybe I could have prevented what happened next.

When I went to bed, the shuffling moved through the walls. I lay awake, listening, wondering what it was. Eventually tiredness got the better of me and I lapsed into a deep sleep.

Want to know what happens next? You can find the next poster in the alley behind Starbucks on Gentleman’s walk.

Remember, if you share a picture of this poster on either our Facebook page,  Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #FindTheSpider you will be entered into our free prize draw where you could win:

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  • 2 x free entry into the Olga Sinclair Open Short Story Competition 2019.
  • 1 x bundle of our anthologies Stepping Out, Strangers, and Markets.
  • 1 x New box set of  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz, a collection of short scary stories for children.

Full details of this event, including terms and conditions can be found here.  

Feel free to leave us comments. Let us know what you thought of the story, and whether you had fun finding the posters. We’d also love to see pictures of you as you seek out each poster too.

Have a spooky story of your own? Enter the Olga Sinclair Open Short Story Competition for your chance to win cash prizes and have your story published in our annual anthology. We’re looking for short stories of no more than 2000 words on the theme of ‘spooks’. The deadline is July 31st.


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