Olga Sinclair Prize 2022

Though we normally set a theme, this year we have decided not to in order to give entrants as much freedom as possible. Entrants are free to write about anything they like. As always, there is no limit to genre.

We will be officially launching the competition on 7th June 2022 by holding an Online Gala where the adjudicators will offer help and advice, including what they are looking for in a winning entry.


1st: £500

2nd: £250

3rd: £100

Seven shortlisted: Publication in our annual anthology along with top three.

Deadline: September 30th 2022


Main Competition: Ralph Jackman

Members’ Shield Challenge: Shane Brown

Entry fee: £9

There is no limit to the number of submissions, provided an entry fee has been paid for each.

The results will be announced in December (exact date to be confirmed soon).

Submit your entry