Olga Sinclair Online Raffle

Normally, we’d announce the results of the Olga Sinclair at Chantry Hall. We’d throw a gala to celebrate, complete with food, drink, and a raffle. Due to COVID-19 and the necessary precautions and restrictions, we’re unable to do that.

Instead, we decided to host the gala online. However, to make it fun, we decided that while we can’t serve food and drink, we can still hold a raffle.

You can find the online raffle here:

The rules are simple. There are 60 numbers. 15 numbers, chosen at random, cost £3 each. The rest are free. All numbers are eligible to win. Pick as many numbers as you want.

The raffle will close on Monday 2nd. All payments will be due bythe end of the day on the 2nd. You can pay them sooner if you like. The winners will be drawn during the gala.

The prizes:

  • 2 x Online Memberships
  • 1 x Writer’s and Artist Yearbook 2021
  • 13 Blind date with a book

How to pay:

If you pick a paid number, it must be paid by no later than Monday 2nd November. You can pay us in two ways:


Send money directly to our bank account.

Sort code: 77-68-22
Account Number: 00010414
Name: Norwich Writers Circle

This can be done either via your e-banking, or you can visit a TSB branch and pay it into our account over the counter. Please email us when you have paid so we can check it has come through.


If you are from outside the UK, you might prefer to send payment via PayPal, in which case please send payment to:


Your receipt may confirm payment was made to Alan Rosser. This is our treasurer.