House Style

As winning entries to our competitions will be published in one of our anthologies, we ask that all entries into our competitions follow our simple house style. We’ve tried to keep it as minimal as possible.

Failure to comply with our house style means your story may be excluded from the anthology.

House Style:

  • 12pt Font.
  • Time New Roman only.
  • Single spacing for each new sentence i.e do not double space after the full stop. Only use a single space.
  • Double curly quatation marks for dialogue.
  • Single curly quatation marks for quotes.
  • 1cm hard indents via your paragraph settings or rulers in your word processing software – DO NOT USE TAB.

Before submitting your entry, please comb through your manuscript to ensure you have followed all of the above consistently.

We request this formatting as this make it easier for us format everything ready for publication. We are all volunteers with responsibilities outside the group such as families, studies, and full time jobs. Following our guidelines makes our jobs easier and ensures we can publish things on time. We appreciate your cooperation.

If your story wins but you have not followed our house style, we will email you and detail what needs changing. We will give you two weeks to make said changes. Failure to do so within this time frame will result in your story being excluded from the anthology. You will still retain any prizes you have won, and it will not affect your winning status.