The Ivy Ferrari Short Story Competition

The Brief:

Write a short story, up to 2000 words, containing a crime. The story must have a strong female protagonist, and the crime should be solved by the end.

Adjudicator’s advice: The offence can be as simple as cheating at a cake baking competition or as complex as financial fraud. The female solving the crime can be a WI member or a bank clerk. It doesn’t have to be a PI or police detective, though they are also welcome. It can be serious, or it can be humorous, glamorous or darkly realistic.

Word Limit: 2000

Genre: Any

Deadline: 18th October 2022

Adjudicator: Judi Daykin

Entry Fee:
Members: Free
Non-members: £5

All entries will receive feedback whether they win or not.

Before submitting your entry, please ensure you read and understand our guidelines (below).

Please send your entry and cover sheet (below) to:


  1. Only one entry per author, per competition.
  2. All competition entries must be formatted as follows:
    – 12 point
    – Times New Roman
    – Black font
    – A4 paper
    – Double-spaced
    – 2.54 margin (most word processors default to this setting).
  1. Each page should be numbered, using the format ‘Page x of y’:

You can download the cover sheet here: