Getting to Know Our Villains

On Saturday 28th, we held our last Summer Workshop – Writing Villains.

Kathy of Fine Tune Your Fiction led the workshop.

“It’s important you get to know your villain or antagonist as well as you know your protagonist,” Kathy explained. “It’s also important to remember your villains are people. Maybe not the best people, but they have their own strengths, weaknesses, hopes, fears, and goals.”

“The biggest mistake I see clients make is not getting to know their villain or antagonist,” Kathy added.

With that in mind, Kathy led the group through a series of exercises designed to help attendees get to know their villains/antagonists better.

By the end, attendees got to know their villains/antagonists better, and learned a little about what makes an effective villain/antagonist.

We ran the Summer Workshops as an experiment. We want to offer the best value for money for our members, and we had requests for activities over the summer. So, we ran the Summer Programme to see if there would be enough interest to justify running them every summer. There was certainly enough interest, and it’s likely we will run a fine-tuned Summer Programme in the summer of 2022.

If there is a topic you would like covered in 2022, let us know.

We hope everyone enjoyed the workshops we put together.

In the meantime, our new season kicks off on September 21st. Check out our programme to see what’s on offer.