A Whole New World

On Saturday 24th July, we held our second summer workshop: worldbuilding, and it proved to be the most popular summer workshop yet.

Attendees learned the fundamentals of worldbuilding.

“Ultimately,” Kathy, the workshop leader and owner of Fine Tune Your Fiction advised. “Worldbuilding is about asking the right questions.”

When creating your world, you need to always ask yourself questions. How does this work? Why is something the way it is? But you also need to be mindful and ask yourself ‘Does the reader need to know this in order to understand the plot?’

Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope you found the workshop useful.

There are two workshops left of the Summer Programme:

Saturday 14th August 12:30-16 :30 – Introduction to Horror: How do you write a scary story, or even a scary scene? How do you build tension? You will learn all this and more in ‘Introduction to Writing Horror’. Whether you are writing a horror story, or just trying to nail a scary scene in your book, this workshop aims to help you make it the best it can be by teaching you the fundamentals of writing horror.

Saturday 28th 12:30-4:30 – Writing Villains: Writing a suitable villain or antagonist for your protagonist can be hard. They need to be realistic, somebody the reader can understand, even if they don’t agree with them. This workshop seeks to help you develop your villain or antagonist into just that no matter what type of villain they are.Topics will include:– What’s the difference between a villain and an antagonist
– Types of villain.
– Types of antagonist.
– Techniques to develop your villain or antagonist

If you are interested in joining one of these meetings either as a guest or as a member, please email us: