Gifts for Writers in 2020

Do you have a writer friend and don’t know what to buy them, or are you a writer looking for something to treat yourself to? Then, boy, do we have the list for you!

We’ve asked our members, and scoured various shops and outlets to bring you some amazing gift ideas that would be perfect for any writer. We’ve tried to include gifts for every price bracket as well, so regardless of your budget, you should be able to find something.

The suggestions are in no particular order, and prices quoted were accurate at the time of writing this article.

  1. Waterproof Shower Notepad

Many writers comes up with their best ideas while they’re trying to fall asleep, or while they’re showering. While this gift won’t help you with the first problem, it offers a solution to jotting down any ideas that crop up while you shower.

This item is inexpensive but will find so much use for the writer who is prone to brainstorms in the shower.

Price: £10.54

2. Story Generator

Sometimes it can be tough coming up with an idea. Maybe you’ve just finished a project and don’t know what to do next, or maybe you’re trying to write a short story for a competition and need some help, or maybe you’re just looking to flex your creative muscles. Either way the Story generator is here to help! It can help generate thousands of prompts.

Price: £10.99

3. Novelty Mugs

Many writers enjoy a warm beverage while working, so why not grab a novelty mug worthy of a writer. Here are a few we recommend:


Price: £14.90

Price: £9.99

4. Online Membership

Being part of a writing group can be vital for many writers. They offer support, help promote one another, offer help and advice, and sometimes you can find a critique partner at a group. However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to go to one. The Norwich Writers’ Circle offers an online membership.

An Online Membership comes with the following benefits:

  1. Free entry into our 3 in-house competitions, plus free entry into the Members Shield Challenge of the Olga Sinclair Prize. The entry fee is £5 for non members, saving you money.
  2. The chance to be published in the Members Showcase.
  3. An additional chance to win in the Olga Sinclair Prize. Entering as a member means you not only have an entry in the main competition, but you can select one entry to be put into the Shield Challenge, where it will be judged by a different adjudicator. Shield Challenge winners and highly commended are published in the Olga Sinclair Anthology.
  4. Even if you don’t win the in-house competitions you enter, you are guaranteed to get a critique from our adjudicators. This will help you improve.
  5. A special members-only area where you can access past workshops, talks, and hints and tips.

If you have a writer friend who would like to be part of a writing group but can’t make meetings in person, this gift is ideal for them.


Price: £18

5. Subscription Box service

These days, you can get subscription boxes for all sorts of things! These are what the writers in our group recommend. Most boxes allow you to choose to gift a single month, or multiple months. It’s up to you.


Scribbler is a subscription box designed especially for writers! Each month you’ll receive a box containing ‘…teaching tools from bestselling authors, live chats with publishing pros, writing gifts, and an autographed novel.’ Perfect for any writer.

Price: From $29.99 (roughly £21.88)



Papergang are perfect for that writer friend who is obsessed with stationery. Each box contains ‘4+ exclusive pieces of stationery designed with an artist’ which in the past has included pens, notebooks, writing sets, cards, and stamps.

Better yet, every box sold goes towards planting more trees. Papergang also partners with various charities which has included ‘Marine Conservation Society, Arthouse, Butterfly Conservation, Bee Conservation Society, ME Society, Switchboard LGBT+, Blurt Foundation, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’

So Papergang is a great choice for the environmentally conscious notebook aficionado.

Price: From £14.00

Book subscription boxes

Books that Matter

Books That Matter is a book subscription for writers who like to read thought provoking books with strong themes. Each month, the box contains books with a specific theme in mind. Past themes have included ‘Strong Female Leads’, ‘Banned Books’, and ‘We Glow Through What We Go Through!’.

Price: From £17

The Willoughby Book Club


The Willoughby Book Club is a great subscription for the writers who is are also a voracious reader, as many writers are. Each month, the Willoughby Book Club will send one novel to read, which is chosen based on your reading preferences. The book will be a surprise until you open it.

From £39.99 (3 month gift subscription minimum)

Food subscription boxes

Got that writer friend who likes to snack while they work? Perhaps you can try a snack subscription service.

Snack Crate

Snackcrate offers a selection of tasty snacks from around the world every month. Sometimes the best gift you can give a writer is snacks. You can pick which country you want your snacks to come from, or choose a selection from all over.

Price: From £8.99


Ah, coffee, many-a-writer’s best friend. Our final subscription box suggestion is a one that offers coffee.

Horsham Coffee Roaster


There are various subscription boxes on offer, from a different coffee every month, to organic, or single origin. What we like most about this service is that it is not only local, but they also strives to ensure their coffee is sourced responsibly, including sourcing fair trade beans. So you would not only be supporting a small business, but also supporting small businesses elsewhere in the world.

Also, if you can’t quite manage a subscription you can buy individual bags of coffee as well.

Price: From £8.25

6. Writer’s Block Pad

Writer’s block can be frustrating, so having tools to fend it off is a great gift idea. This block is small enough to fit on most desks or writing spaces. Not to mention the price tag is more than reasonable!

Price: £8.99

7. Reading Support Cushion

Many writers work from their beds, resting their laptop in their lap. This can cause them back problems. This cushion is designed to support them. It can also be used on armchairs and on sofas, offering much needed lumbar support wherever they are choosing to write or read. Give the gift of comfort!

Price: £21.99

7. Book Marks

Book marks can be a practical yet beautiful gift, and they can be slipped nicely into a card. There are plenty of places you can buy them – local book shops and gift shops, but we personally recommend:

The Bookmark Emporium – Etsy


Our Vice-Chair Kathy highly recommends The Bookmark Emporium for several reasons. First, each is handmade by a local small business owner. Second, the bookmarks are gorgeous, and there is a design to suit every taste and genre. Thirdly, they’re very reasonably priced – each at just under £5. Above are just a few examples.

Price: From £4.75

8. Grammar/spelling checker

Pro-writing aid


Editing can be a real headache for any writer. Even the most thorough writer can miss silly mistakes. In this regard, advanced spelling and grammar checkers can be invaluable. The ones which come with word processing software can help pick up some spelling and grammar issues but they are far from perfect.

Vice-chair Kathy recommends ProWriting Aid. Kathy has used other software like Grammarly before but prefers ProWriting Aid for several reasons. First, it’s cheaper, and secondly, it comes with more tools. You can check for echoes, pace, check acronyms are consistent, and it will even check how natural your dialogue sounds. Not only that but it will teach you why something is an issue, and how to fix it.

It can also be integrated into Word, Pages, and you can also get an add-on for your browser to help you check emails as well.

Price: £20 per month, £79 annually.

So these are our recommendations. We hope they have been helpful. We’ll be releasing an article on gifts you can give the writer-friend in your life that are free, or virtually free.

In the mean time we hope everyone has a very merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Gifts for Writers in 2020”

  1. Hi,

    I stumbled across your group as I have just moved to Norfolk.

    Can you please tell me if there are any meetings in the New year or have these been abandoned due to Covid-19?

    Kind regards,

    Lynn Vallance. —————————————————————————— Lynn Marie Vallance Mobile 07837 006731 lynnmarie678@gmail.com

    The Firs, Kirby Road, Kirby Bedon, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 7DS.


    1. We have been meeting online for the time being due to Covid 19 restrictions, so our meetings have not been cancelled, they’ve just changed format. The only meeting we have cancelled is our Christmas social because it’s just not practical or quite the same on Zoom! We’re not sure whether we’ll be able to meet in person or have to continue with online meetings, but either way you would be welcome to join us.

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