Norwich Writers' Circle

First Of The Season

1st December: We eagerly await Charles Christian‘s adjudication of Competition One. This you will remember was an invitation for short or flash fiction stories featuring a strong male character with a hidden and surprising side to him.

The winning entrant will at the end of year A.G.M. get to lift and have custody of the prestiCharles Christian1geous Cooper Prize. Additionally, points are awarded throughout the year not only for winners but runners-up too. The over-all winner is awarded the Competition Cup. So you see, even if you were unlucky to get your entry in on time for this competition it’s not too late to set your sights on the long game.

And it’s never a bad idea to attempt untried genres now and again, is it?

This year we are also accepting competition entries from non-members. Please note that as entries receive constructive comments non-members must pay £3 entry fee.