Autobiography & Memory


On 15th October Norwich Writers’ Circle committee member Phyllida Scrivens held a Autobiography & Memory workshop. This workshop was another well-attended meeting by both visitors and members alike.

Our Programme Secretary’s hugely enjoyable interactive workshop involved everyone carrying out a series of writing exercises. For the 3 exercises we had to work in 4 groups, first writing individually, and then discussing our efforts amongst ourselves. The table discussions then sparked further interaction and banter between us all.

The 3 exercises…

1. ‘The First Time’ Memory Exercise.

2. Describing familiar locations, but with restrictive rules.

3. Think of a moment when you were 10 years old. Where were you? Think about the smells, tastes, touch and seeing.

…were all designed to help us quickly conjure up images in our readers’ minds. Using strong verbs and featuring small details in our writing could be used to further enhance our narratives. Phyllida also told us to trust our first instinct – we must not underestimate the variety of personal memorabilia that we own – it could be used to (re)create memories in our own creative minds.

To aid our future writing Phyllida presented us with a hand-out full of useful memory aids and further suggestions on how to strengthen our work.

NWC next meet on 5th November when Anne Sanderson will  be launching our next poetry-related competition at The Assembly House.

We look forward to welcoming you then.


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