Alison Bruce


On 1st October Norwich Writers’ Circle welcomed crime writer Alison Bruce, as our 2013/14 programme continued.

During the meeting, which was well attended by members and visitors alike, Alison described her life as a crime writer, from both a creative and commercial point of view.

The fascinating and fun-filled evening saw the DC Goodhew series author inform us of her first need to tell a specific story, and how this was further fuelled by taking a couple of writing courses. Alison then went on to tell us how meeting the course tutors then offered her useful guidance in getting the story written. This story – The Calling – was then published several years later.

In addition to the above we were also informed of the importance of music to Alison’s creative process and how it helped focus the creative part of her brain. It was then recommended to us that we research well, as, not only it is interesting, it also proves to your readers you are familiar with what you have written about.

The meeting concluded with an interesting Q&A session, which also saw Alison set our latest in-house Competition. For our current competition we must write a short story entitled It’s Over that features a male protagonist. This story must be gripping, keep the reader hooked, include a good twist and feature well-written characterisation. A full list of competition recommendations can be read here.

An exclusive gallery of this meeting can be found on our Facebook page.

NWC next meets on 15th October when committee member Phyllida Scrivens will be holding a workshop on Autobiography & Memory at The Assembly House. We look forward to seeing you then.


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